The structure of your child’s day at Class Action Education is the culmination of years of development from some of the leading minds in children’s’ education.

Our head of education, Lisa Powell, has been a qualified teacher and assessor with 25 years teaching experience across British independent preparatory and senior schools and an abundance of experience in tutoring for 7+, 8+ and 11+ entrance exams to London’s most sought after schools.

Every day at Class Action Education starts off with a group yoga and mindfulness session – this is great for calming, focussing and energising young minds for the day ahead.

We run 7+, 8+ and 11+ programmes and offer two different programme structures to best fit your child’s needs.


Our BALANCE programme is an expertly structured mix of intense classroom learning and elite sports coaching with yoga and wellbeing.

The classroom learning is focussed on Maths, English and Reasoning.

Sports coaching is done in small groups according to age and ability and incorporates football, cricket, netball, tennis and running/athletics.

Here's what a typical day’s schedule on the BALANCE programme looks like -

class action club classroom.jpg

The day begins at 9.45am

  • Yoga/wellbeing

  • Classroom – English/Maths/Reasoning

  • Lunch

  • Structured sports training

  • Snack break

  • Classroom-Exam preparation

The day ends at 4pm


Our EDUCATE programmes are structured for those students that require more consolidated and extended classroom learning.


Starting each day with group yoga and wellbeing.

The EDUCATE full day programme delivers 5 hours of high impact tuition in Maths, English and Reasoning.


We have been careful to incorporate short bursts of structured sports training between lessons to preserve full focus and motivation of our students throughout the day.

Here’s what a typical day’s schedule on the EDUCATE programme looks like –

The day begins at 9.45am

  • Yoga/wellbeing

  • Classroom (2 hrs) – English/Maths/Reasoning

  • Lunch

  • Structured sports training (30mins)

  • Classroom (2 hrs) – English/Maths/Reasoning

  • Snack break

  • Classroom –Exam preparation (1 hr)

The day ends at 4pm.