5 Half Day - Online Programmes

7+ |  8+  |  11+  5 Half Day - Online Programme

Available to book as 5 individual half day AM or PM 

Just because the world is on pause, doesn’t mean that your child’s development is!

That’s why we were so determined to build an interactive, online programme that not only matched the exceptional educational standards that we aspire to, but also provided the same, holistic approach to development that is so crucial for young minds.

Our online programme is available in half day AM and PM sessions, either daily or as part of a 5-day package.


Our educational, sports and mindfulness strategists have focused on building a programme that meets the complete developmental needs of a child and one where building the skills of cooperation and peer interaction are not lost.

Half Day Afternoon Schedule

13:15 - 14:00

Our livestream and pre-recorded work outs, structured by our leading coaches, include cardio, circuit, Hiit sessions.



Children should be dressed in comfortable work out clothing. 

14:00 - 15:00

Exam preparation. 

Each child will sit an automated exam set by our Class Action Education tutors.

15:00 - 16:00

Quiz and Debating hour – with occasional special guests.


An interactive, fun and educational end to the day.


The class will work together on a variety of subjects ranging from current affairs, entrepreneurialism, health and nutrition to world news and politics, from music, history, the world we live in, art to culture and travel.


We have Q&A’s with experts in different fields, from leading global analysts to professional sports coaches.


The hour finishes with a fun and engaging quiz on the discussion held.