Fundamentally, Class Action Education was born out of our desire to help children recognise and reach their full potential.


We believe that there is a need for completeness and fulness in a child’s development, that nurturing the whole rather than just one aspect holds the key to real success.

Organising and running busy child’s schedules are incredibly hard work for parents but it can also lead to a disjointed development for the child, where opportunities can often be missed.

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Our approach is to deliver a healthy balance of academic and sporting excellence with a focus on wellbeing – all supported by elite educators and world class sporting coaches.


Our classes have been devised by some of the UK’s leading educational strategists to deliver a structured programme that is designed to elevate your child’s academic and sporting performance to new heights.

By having tutors and sporting activities under one roof, it not only allows your child to focus in a more natural, balanced environment – it allows our team to coordinate and complement each other with their approach to your child’s development.

At Class Action Education our dedicated team are unwaveringly supportive to our students. Our tiny class sizes mean that every single child is treated to an abundance of individual attention and care.

It’s this dedication to educational and developmental excellence that we believe delivers our unrivalled results.

Of our 65 students in 2019, 63 achieved a place at their first-choice school, while the remaining students achieved a place at their second choice.