Tutoring and Consultancy

As parents we understand the frustrations in meeting a succession of tutors with wonderful profiles and yet offering mediocre teaching.

Class Action Education was created to provide unparalleled, high quality teaching and learning so that children thrive academically.  Beyond the impressive grades, scholarships, school and university offers, it is our ethos to develop confidence, motivation, independence and work towards a lifelong love of learning.  Through a rigorous selection process, we have meticulously created a team of high calibre tutors, mentors, assessors and consultants providing qualified, experienced, committed and caring support for each child and family. 


We would be very happy to discuss the wide spectrum of academic support available and meet the specific needs of your child.



One to one in England, travelling tuition, online, home schooling programmes.


Special educational needs

Expert advice, assessment and provision, liaising with schools and training teachers to support your child in a joined-up way



We offer a bespoke approach to assessment.  Dependent upon your child’s needs, we are able to combine elements of various assessment types below depending on the purpose. 

We carry out thorough assessments here and overseas:

School Entrance Examination Assessments are useful to identify strengths and needs and planning programme leading towards the examinations, useful independent check points to measure progress.


Study Skills Assessments

Identifying how your child best learns, this information can help your child, tutors and school teach and learn more effectively.

Assessment Reports

Identifying underlying abilities and current academic attainment levels.


School and University Placement Advice and Support

This can be an overwhelming experience navigating Day and Boarding options in Britain, University pathways here and in America or the intricacies of relocating.  We are able to help with advice to full support throughout the entire process.